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Argo CD Version Management

The version of a managed Argo CD instance can be upgraded (or downgraded) easily using the Akuity Platform.

  1. Navigate to Argo CDyour instanceSettingsGeneral.

  2. Under Change Version, select your desired version.

  3. Click Save.

Once saved, the Akuity Platform will automatically update the instance. After the operation is complete, the instance will show a healthy status in the dashboard, indicating success.


Changing the version of the instance will trigger an update of the Akuity Agent on all connected clusters. The operation is carried out by a temporary job executed in the agent's namespace.

Automatic updates to the Akuity Agent can be disabled by default for all clusters on an instance and per cluster. See Disable Auto Upgrade in Connect a Kubernetes cluster.


A similar job is used when modifying cluster options such as Agent size, Labels or Annotations, to automatically update the agent configuration in the connected clusters.