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Argo CD instance is in Progressing state

The Progressing state indicates the instance is being reconfigured or updated. It usually goes away in several minutes.

Can't log in to Argo CD

Error: Login is disabled

This is the default behavior for every new Argo CD instance.

To enable login for the admin user, follow these instructions.

Can't create an application

Error: no clusters connected

Check connection to the cluster:

  1. Navigate to Argo CDyour instanceClusters.

  2. Find your cluster in the list and check the agent's health icon and version.


The agent's health might take several seconds to update.

  • If agent health is Unknown, make sure that agent manifests are installed in your cluster and agent pods can connect to
  • You could also check agent logs in the managed cluster using a tool like stern:
    • stern akuity-agent -n akuity
    • stern argocd-repo-server -n akuity