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Using the CLI

Create an org on the Akuity Platform.

Log into the akuity CLI.

akuity login
  • Open the link displayed, enter the code.

Set your organization name in the akuity config.

akuity config set --organization-name=<name>
  • Replace <name> with your organization name.

Create the Argo CD instance on the Akuity Platform.

akuity argocd apply -f akuity/argocd.yaml

Connect the clusters

akuity argocd cluster create --instance-name=cluster-addons dev
akuity argocd cluster get-agent-manifests --instance-name=cluster-addons dev | kubectl apply -f -

# same for prod
akuity argocd cluster create --instance-name=cluster-addons prod
akuity argocd cluster get-agent-manifests --instance-name=cluster-addons prod | kubectl apply -f -

Log into the argocd CLI

argocd login \
"$(akuity argocd instance get | awk 'NR>1 {print $1}')" \
--username admin \
--password argocon-2023 \

Bootstrap Argo CD with an App of ApplicationSets

argocd app create -f bootstrap-app.yaml

Add an add-on label to the cluster configuration.

akuity argocd cluster update --instance-name=cluster-addons dev \
--label enable_cert_manager=true

Mark the cluster as ready for Apps

akuity argocd cluster update --instance-name=cluster-addons dev \
--label ready=true