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Akuity Platform Changelog

Information on the latest updates and additions to the Akuity Platform.


ApplicationSet caching improvement and refresh action

The ApplicationSet caching mechanism has been improved, allowing for quicker discovery of changes in Git repositories. Additionally, the Argo CD UI now provides a "Refresh" action for ApplicationSets, allowing manual triggering of the ApplicationSet reconciliation.


Argo CD Instance Level Audit Log

The Audit Log is now available at the Argo CD instance level.


Unified declarative management of Akuity Platform

The akuity CLI/API allows for declaratively manage Argo CD custom Kubernetes resources such as Applications, ApplicationSets, and AppProjects. This makes Akuity Platform declarative management feature complete and allows to declarative defining of all Akuity Managed Argo CD instances as well as all instance settings.

feat: support declarative management of argocd applications, applicationsets, appprojects via akuity cli #3411

Additional SSO providers support

Akuity Platform portal now supports Google, SAML, and OIDC identity providers in addition to Okta and Azure.


UI Wizard For Agent Manifests Customizations

In addition to a generic YAML editor, the Akuity Platform now provides a UI wizard. The wizard covers the most common Akuity Agent manifests customizations such as workload resource requests, environment variables, and log levels.

Custom SSO support

It is now possible to use a custom SSO provider to access the Akuity Platform.

Audit Log Improvements

The Audit Log component received several improvements and now provides more details about audit events. The changes include information about Kubernetes resources group and kind, Git revision in sync events, and proper visualization of API key actors.

AI Assistant Improvements

AI Assistant prompts have been fine-tuned which ensures more useful answers. The AI Assistant user interface has been improved as well. The interface is now compatible with Argo CD dark mode and enables users to provide feedback about conversations for further analysis.

Repo Server Delegate Improvements

Repo Server Delegate is a feature that allows "delegating" Git operations to a particular cluster agent. The implementation has been significantly improved and provides better performance and reliability with much less traffic between managed clusters and the control plane.

Argo CD Instance Settings Enhancements

The Akuity Platform user interface allows managing more Argo CD instance settings. The new settings include expiration time for SSO tokens, egress settings for control plane components, as well as improved validation of RBAC policies.

Declarative Management

Declarative Management functionality allows managing an additional set of settings, such as config management plugins and ApplicationSet secrets holding credentials for interaction with Git service providers. The declarative management functionality is now available by default and doesn't need to be explicitly enabled.


Tanka and Helmfile First Class Support

Akuity Platform now allows configuring Tanka and Helmfile with one click of a button.

AI Assistant Extension

AI Assistant helps engineers to explore and troubleshoot Argo CD applications inside the Argo CD UI.


Enhanced Argo CD Version with Server Side Pagination

Starting with Argo CD v2.7.3 Akuity Platform provides an enhanced Akuity version of Argo CD with additional features. The most notable feature is the server-side pagination for the Argo CD Applications page. This feature significantly improves Argo CD API and UI scalability and allows you to manage up to 50,000 Argo CD applications!

Improved Declarative Configuration Management of Argo CD Instances

The Akuity CLI now supports managing all Argo CD instance settings declaratively, including accounts, repository credentials, secrets, and clusters.

Agent Behind HTTPS Proxy

All Akuity Agent components are now able to work behind an HTTPS proxy. Note: Redis Tunneling needs to be enabled in Cluster settings to ensure Redis access from the agent.


Config Management Plugins

Configuring Argo CD Config Management plugins is now possible using the Akuity Platform user interface.

Declarative Management

The Akuity Platform now supports declarative management of Argo CD instances using akuity argocd <apply|diff> commands. Check out the docs to learn more.

Synchronization History Reports

The Akuity Platform now provides powerful application synchronization history reports. The feature is available in the Akuity Platform dashboard as well as via an extension in the Argo CD user interface.

Agent State Replication

The Agent State Replication feature on the Akuity Platform allows you to disconnect a managed cluster from the platform without losing core Argo CD features.

Agent Token Rotation

The Akuity Platform dashboard provides a way to rotate the Akuity Agent token with one button click.

Flexible Argo CD Architecture

Akuity Platform allows you dynamically choose host cluster for Argo CD components. The following components' location is configurable: Application Set, Repo Server or Image Updater.

Argo CD Instance Security

The Akuity Platform provides information about CVEs detected in Argo CD releases and suggests upgrading to non-vulnerable versions.


The Akuity Platform dashboard allows configuring Argo CD Deep Links.

General Argo CD Settings Improvements

The dashboard for managing Argo CD secrets is greatly improved and allows users to provide secret values without making unnecessary clicks. Generate Argo CD Settings wizard allows enabling and disabling RBAC that controls logs access in managed clusters.


Declarative Argo CD Instance Management

Akuity CLI supports akuity argocd apply command, which allows declaratively managing Argo CD instances. The command accepts a YAML file with the Argo CD instance settings and applies it to the Akuity Platform.


Agent Version Management

The Akuity platform dashboard now allows installing a specific version of the Akuity Cluster Agent on the cluster.

Cluster Filters & Pagination

Cluster management UI has been improved to allow filtering and pagination, which in turn makes managing a very large number of clusters more friendly.

Agent Manifest Kustomization

The Akuity platform now allows for customizing the Akuity Cluster Agent manifests using Kustomize.

ApplicationSet Webhook

The GitHub webhook requests are now forwarded to the Argo CD Server and ApplicationSet components.

UI Polishing

The overall user interface is now more polished and consistent.


Argo CD v2.6

🎉 Argo CD v2.6 is generally available! 🎉

OpenShift 4 Support

Support for Red Hat OpenShift 4


Audit Extension

The audit extension allows users to see the Argo CD related audit log in Argo CD user interface.


Image Updater Support

The Argo CD Image Updater is now supported out-of-the box. The new component can be enabled using the Argo CD Instance settings page.

Notifications Wizard Enhancement

Notifications Wizard now provides web forms for configuring Argo CD Notifications triggers and templates.

Git Delegate

Akuity Platform now allows you to specify a "delegate" git cluster agent. This feature allows specifying a single cluster agent to use as the sole agent to access the git server. This is useful for environments where the git server can only be accessed from a single location.


Renaming Organizations

Organization names can now be changed.

IP Allowlist for Cluster Agents

The IP allowlist can now be optionally applied to cluster agents attempting to connect to the control plane.

Schema Validation for Dex Configuration

Dex configuration is now validated for errors before persisting.

Migrating to for Redis Images

The Redis image installed in cluster agents will now pull from (previously Docker Hub) to avoid rate limiting.


Argo CD Custom Style Wizard

This new wizard allows users to customize Argo CD styling, including the logo image and color palette.

Displaying and Exporting Audit Details

Organization audit functionality now provides detailed information about events. In addition, the audit log can be exported as a CSV file.

Improved Management of Organization's Members

The organization member management functionality has been improved and no longer requires using an invitation code. Once invited, the user just needs to click the 'Accept' button in the Akuity Dashboard to join the new organization.


Argo CD v2.5

🎉 Argo CD v2.5 is generally available 🎉


Getting Started Wizard

A Getting Started Wizard is available to walk new users through the process of creating and using their first Argo CD instance.

Organization Audit Filtering

The Organization Audit page now supports filtering based on a range of time, the object type, the actor, and the action. Its overall look and feel has been improved.

Multi-Line Secrets

Argo CD Instance Notifications and SSO Wizards now support multi-line secrets.

Conflicting Agent Installation Detection

The Clusters dashboard for an Argo CD instance will now display a warning if the Akuity Agent for one of the clusters has been installed in additional clusters.


Customizable Agent Manifests

You can now override the Akuity Agent target namespace and configure custom image registries. The customizations can be configured per cluster or globally at the Argo CD instance level.

Disable Agent Auto-Upgrades

Now you can disable Akuity Agent auto-upgrading after changing the installed Argo CD version and apply new manifests manually instead.

Argo CD Settings UI Improvements

The Argo CD settings section now reminds you to save the changes you've made if you haven't done so already.


General Availability

🎉 Akuity Platform is generally available! 🎉


Early Access

Akuity Platform is available in early access with select design partners.