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Akuity Platform Overview

The Akuity Platform is a fully-managed Kubernetes application delivery platform powered by Argo.

Getting started

To get up and running as quickly as possible, checkout the getting started guide that will walk you through the fundamentals of the Akuity Platform in just minutes and leave you with a fully operational Argo CD instance.

What is Argo?

Argo is a set of open source tools for Kubernetes to run workflows, manage clusters, and implement the GitOps operational framework.

For more info about Argo go to the Argo Project website.

Minimum knowledge required

To use this documentation and the Akuity Platform effectively, basic familiarity with the following technologies and concepts is suggested:

How to give feedback and get help?

If you have any feedback regarding this documentation or the product, please send us an email.

For help please reach out to us through the contact form on our website.