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Deploy an Application

After accessing Argo CD, to deploy an Application:

  1. In the Argo CD UI, navigate to Applications.

  2. Click on + NEW APP.

  3. Under GENERAL,

    1. set Application Name to helm-guestbook.

    2. set Project Name to default.

  4. Under SOURCE,

    1. set Repository URL to

    2. Set Path to helm-guestbook.

  5. Under DESTINATION, set Cluster URL to your cluster URL.

  6. Set Namespace to default.

  7. Click on CREATE.

The helm-guestbook Application will be created but will not be synced automatically (because the sync policy was left to the default of Manual).

  1. Click on the helm-guestbook Application card, review the resources to be created in the cluster by clicking on APP DIFF.

  2. Then click on SYNC and SYNCHRONIZE.