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External Access

All external access settings can be located by navigating to Argo CDyour instanceSettingsExternal Access.

Custom Domain

By default, each Argo CD instance's UI will be accessible at <instance id>, however, the Akuity Platform does permit you to set a custom domain prefix for each Argo CD Instance.

To customize this:

  1. Change the value of the Custom Domain field.

  2. Click Save.

IP Allow List

By default, each Argo CD instance is accessible by clients with any IP address, however, this can be narrowed to a specific list of IP addresses or CIDR ranges.

To customize this:

  1. Under IP Allow List, click + Add New and complete the IP Address and Description (optional) fields.

    • Repeat this step as necessary.
  2. Click Save.

To restore access from any IP address, simply remove all entries from the list.

Coming Soon

We will soon allow you to populate the IP Allow List with known IPs from CI providers such as GitHub Actions. This will allow you to restrict access to the Argo CD UI to the IPs of your providers without the need to create dozens or hundreds of entries manually.