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Akuity Platform API Keys

Creating an API Key

  1. Select the Organization you want to create a key for, from the pull down menu.

  2. Switch to the API Keys tab.

  3. Click + New Key button on the lower right side of the page.

  4. Enter a Description for the key.

  5. In the Expires In field, set an expiry for the key or select No expiration. Valid time units are "s", "m", "h", "d", "w" or put 0 for no expiry.

  6. Assign a Role (Owner, Admin, Member) that you want to assign to the key.

  7. Click the Create button.

  8. Copy the values for AKUITY_API_KEY_ID and AKUITY_API_KEY_SECRET

Using your API key

You can use your API key with the akuity CLI or the Akuity API.