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akuity argocd apply

Apply an Argo CD specification

akuity argocd apply [flags]


  -f, --filenames stringArray      Path to filenames or directories of manifests
-h, --help help for apply
--name ArgoCD The ArgoCD instance name. The name of ArgoCD instance in the manifests takes priority over this flag.
--org-id string Alias for organization-id
--org-name string Alias for organization-name
--organization-id string Akuity cloud organization ID
--organization-name string Akuity cloud organization name
--prune strings The types of resource that will be pruned if they don't exist in the manifests. The value can be 'all', 'clusters', 'repo-credentials', 'cmps', 'apps', 'appsets', 'appprojs'.

Options inherited from parent commands

      --insecure-skip-tls-verify   If true, the server's certificate will not be checked for validity
--no-color Disable colored output (default true)
--server string The server url of the Akuity cloud (default "")