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Manifest Generation

Repo Server Delegate

The Akuity platform allows you to delegate Git and Helm repository access to one of the connected clusters. This is useful when you don't want to provide all connected clusters access to private Helm or Git repositories.

Enabling Git Delegate

Git Delegate settings are located in Argo CDyour instanceSettingsManifest Generation.

  1. Switch from All Managed Clusters to Single Managed Cluster

  2. Select the cluster you want to use as the Repo Server Delegate.

  3. Click Save.


If you wish to use ApplicationSets when enabling Repo Server Delegate you will also need to enable Application Set Delegate to allow your ApplicationSets access private Helm and Git repositories.

The Akuity Platform allows you to choose which config management tools are available for your users.

Kustomize and Helm

Helm and Kustomize are two config management tools supported natively by Argo CD. Use the following steps to configure Helm and Kustomize settings:

  1. Navigate to Argo CDyour instanceSettingsManifest Generation.
  2. Locate the desired tool section and make the required settings changes
  3. Click Save to apply the changes.

Config Management Plugins

Config management plugins is a feature of Argo CD that allows connecting any config management tool with a first-class end-user experience. Akuity Platform provides a user interface that allows registering config management plugins. Use the following steps to register a new plugin:

  1. Navigate to Argo CDyour instanceSettingsManifest Generation.
  2. Locate the Config Management Plugins section and click Add New Plugin.
  3. Provide the plugin name, image, and version.
  4. Configure Generate command and other optional settings.
  5. Click Save to apply the changes.

Migration From Config Management Plugins v1

Akuity Platform supports version 2 of the config management plugins (aka sidecar plugins). The first version is deprecated and not supported by the Akuity Platform. Use the following steps to migrate from version 1 to version 2:

  1. Convert the v1 config management plugin to v2 plugin spec. The example below compares kasane plugin v1 and v2 versions:

    • v1 configuration:
    apiVersion: v1
    configManagementPlugins: |
    - name: kasane
    command: [kasane, update]
    command: [kasane, show]
    • v2 spec:
    - kasane
    - update
    - kasane
    - show
  2. Register the v2 plugin using the converted specification. Provide the plugin name and the Docker image that contains the plugin binary.