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Akuity Platform Custom Roles

Custom roles add support for Role Based Access Control (RBAC) for resources in the Akuity Platform (e.g. an Instance, or an Organization). Users can create and attach custom roles to API Keys to limit their access.


Support for custom roles on organization members is coming soon.

Managing Custom Roles

Only users with the Owner role in an organization can manage custom roles. They are read-only for everyone else.

You can create roles from the "API Keys" or "Members" tab in the organization settings page.

  1. Click on the "Manage Roles" label in table.

Manage Custom Roles

  1. Provide the name, description, and permissions of role. Then create the role. Please note that you can only add granular permissions for Instance, Kargo Instance and Cluster.

Create Custom Role Modal

  1. You can then use that role when creating an API key.

API keys

Available permissions

Here is a table of current permissions which can be used in a custom role

API Keys
Audit Log
Kargo Instance
SSO Configuration
Member Role