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SSO and the Akuity Platform

The Akuity Platform supports the following Single Sign-On (SSO) providers:


SSO is available on Enterprise plan only. Please contact our Sales Team to access the feature.

Configuring SSO


The admin or owner role on the Organization is required to configure SSO.

To configure SSO for an Organization on the Akuity Platform:

  1. Go to Organization > SSO.

    SSO Settings

  2. Click Add Configuration.

  1. Register an application with the Microsoft identity platform with the following settings:

    • Set Redirect URI to
  2. Add the following Delegated Permissions to the registered application:

    • Users > User.Read
    • Directory > Directory.Read.All
  3. Generate a client secret.

  4. Populate the configuration details inside the form:

    • Client ID: Application (client) ID
    • Client Secret: Client Secret
    • Azure AD Domain: Your Azure AD domain name. You can find this on your Azure AD directory's overview page in the Microsoft Azure portal.
    • Domain Aliases: Additional domains to match organization members (e.g.
    • Auto Add Member: Allow your organization members to join your organization with the member role automatically.

Azure SSO Settings

  1. Test the connection.