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Akuity Platform Workspaces

Workspaces are a way to group resources within an organization. Argo CD instances, Kargo instances, Organization users and Teams can be grouped into Workspaces.


Akuity Platform Workspaces is available on all plans. Different plans have different limits on the number of Workspaces that can be created:

  • Starter: 1 Workspace
  • Professional: 3 Workspaces
  • Enterprise: Unlimited Workspaces

Please contact our Sales Team to change your plan if you need more Workspaces.


The owner role on the Organization is required to manage Workspaces, including creating, updating, and deleting them.



Admins have full access to all resources within the Workspace. They can add or remove Argo CD instances, Kargo instances, Organization users and Teams from the Workspace. They can not delete the Workspace itself. The user who creates the Workspace automatically assumes an Admin role.


Members get read access to all resources within the Workspace, but cannot edit any settings. They also have no access to Workspace settings.

Managing Workspaces

When creating an Organization, a default Workspace is created automatically. Click the Organization drop-down on the left navigation menu and click Workspaces to view the all Workspaces in an Organization.

Default Workspace

To create a new Workspace:

  1. Click Create button on the upper right side of the page.

    Create Workspace

  2. Enter a Name and a Description for the Workspace, then click Create.

    Add Workspace

To update the Workspace name or description:

  1. Click the Workspace on the Workspaces page.

    Update Workspace

  2. Click the Settings tab and click the General menu.

    Workspace Settings

  3. Enter the new name or description and click Save.

    Update Description

To delete a Workspace:

  1. Enter the Workspace name under the Danger Zone section.

  2. Click the I know what I am doing, delete workspace button to confirm the deletion.

    Delete Workspace

Managing Users and Teams in Workspaces

Workspace admin can add or remove users and teams from the Workspace.

To add a user or a team to a Workspace:

  1. Click the Settings tab and click the Teams and People menu.

    Workspace Settings

  2. User the search bar to find the Organization user or Teams you want to add to the Workspace.

    Search Member

  3. Select the workspace role in the drop-down and click Add to add them to the Workspace.

    Add Member

To change the role of a user or a Team in a Workspace:

  1. Click the role drop-down and select the new role for a user or a Team.

    Change Role

To remove a user or a Team from a Workspace:

  1. Click the Remove button on the right side of the user or Team, and click the Confirm button on the pop-up to confirm the removal.

    Remove Member